Village at Mammoth Close to Agreement; Cottonwood Plaza Still Makes News

For many months, Mammoth attorney Rick Wood and attorneys for CNL and Intrawest have negotiated over issues involving the Village at Mammoth and its tenants. Wood confirmed that all sides "are close" to an agreement.village_at_mammoth.jpg

Wood said this: "We are still working on it. We are in the final stages. There is no resolution yet. When we do reach one, there will be confidentiality terms. We are hopeful that a resolution will conclude in the next few days."

The negotiations have involved a large number of people – including principles and their attorneys. 16 Village tenants had hired Wood to represent their interests. Tenants have complained that rents were way too high for the Mammoth market among other issues, including parking.

The economic downturn has also found its way into negotiations. Earlier, Wood had said that "sustainability is the real issue – a formula," he said, "to allow fair rent for occupying the Village and a number that tenants can live with given the economic environment."

Meanwhile, to the south in Bishop, residents continue to complain bitterly about the dead zone that used to be the Cottonwood Plaza. Now, chain link fence encircles the defunct center.cottonwood_closed.jpg

City of Bishop officials repeat that they have had no power over the private property situation. Master lessee Chuck Caldwell refused to explain why he closed the center.

Former sublessee, Richard Maudsley, emailed KSRW to say that he plans to travel to Bishop next week. He said his operating lease at the center expired in June 2008, but he still wants to see "a solution that works for everybody."

Maudsley says he would like to meet with anybody who has a question or a good idea to make something good happen. He has invited anyone to call him at 619-758-5447.

Maudsely said that Mr. Caldwell is pressing him to demolish the plaza.

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