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Mongo The Idiot
Mongo The Idiot
7 years ago

This is real hope.
This article needs more comment and community support.
I didn’t see it because it was published so close to the holiday.
It is truly great to see that there is a young person who cares enough about this to activate.
Take note DWP; the next generation of concerned citizens is coming at you.
This young environmentalist may be so determined that she gets the necessary education and backing required to illuminate the word to our human stupidity in relation to sustainable ecosystems.
Ms. Warren,
You have my support and admiration.
You already know who you are; keep being true to yourself and not letting others pressure you with ridicule.
(a kid who remembers)

7 years ago

That’s how you activate your activism!
And not to mention its the younger generations that will have to pay for what we do or DON’T do…

Philip Anaya
Philip Anaya
7 years ago

Thank you for your letter Ms. Warren. You make some really good points and I hope that the DWP listens to you and to all the rest of us that agree with you that this Project is not a good idea at all.