Vandalsim At The Catholic Church in Bishop

Bishop Police report that sometime during the night Saturday, someone vandalized a statue of the Virgin Mary behind the Catholic Church in Bishop.

Police report that officers were called out to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church Sunday morning for a report of vandalism. The five foot tall statue of the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus had been badly damaged. The now headless statue appeared to have been beaten severely with large pieces broken off. Police say the monetary value of the statue is $1500.

According to the official statement police say, This felonious act is not being taken lightly by the Bishop Police Department.

The vandalism remains under investigation. If anyone has any information that could aid the investigation, call Detective Mark Gutierrez with the Bishop Police at 873-5866.

Also Sunday morning, Bishop Police took a report of a stolen ATM card reader at the Alta One Credit Union on Main Street. In this case it appears that some one drove up, and removed the card reader at the bank.

What risk ATM users might be exposed to remains unclear.

Police are working with Bank staff to determine what risk there may be for people who used the ATM machine.


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