Update on Village at Mammoth parking solution

Town of Mammoth Lakes press release

The Town of Mammoth Lakes and Glass Creek, LLC, through their representatives Dan Holler, Town Manager, and Will Gustafson from Glass Creek, wednesday announced that they have reached a conceptual agreement concerning the ongoing use of the East Village Parcel as a parking lot to service the Village at Mammoth commercial properties.

As a result of reaching this conceptual agreement, the property owner will immediately resume offering parking services in the East Village lot.

Dan Holler remarked, “The recent closure of the East Village Parking Lot made it clear to everyone that there needs to be a long term solution to the parking issues in the Village. This conceptual agreement is an important first step to realizing that solution.”

Gustafson, whose partners purchased the East Village development parcel within the last year, was equally pleased, stating “This conceptual agreement provides for temporary parking, and will satisfy parking demand until development construction begins on the site. We all must realize that ultimately this parking area will no longer be available, and so a permanent solution is required.”

Both parties indicated that the conceptual agreement will hopefully lead to a prompt conclusion of a future written commitment by both parties, which they referred to as a “Path To A Permanent Village Parking Solution.”

Both also agreed that the “Path” will ultimately include some or all of the following: utilization of the Town’s land at the aging Community Center and other locations adjacent to the Village, the formation of a parking district or other creative financing alternatives, and modifications to the requirements for, and location of, structured parking associated with the ultimate development of the East Village Parcel.

Upon re-opening the lot, 144 parking spaces will immediately become available. Recently proposed improvements to the North and South portions of the parcel, which will now be processed for approval, will add 132 more spaces, resulting in 276 available spaces, significantly more than the 210 spots required in association with the Village commercial businesses.

Holler further commented “Given the long history, I believe the Town has a political obligation to participate in reaching a permanent parking solution. This Path will get us there. Moreover, this agreement facilitates the immediate availability of sufficient parking to service the thousands of summer visitors to the Village, including the 1,500 participants in this weekend’s Half Marathon, who will attend events at the Village.”

Gustafson commented, “I am confident that, with Dan’s leadership, stakeholders within the community will be able to work through the challenges to a permanent Village parking solution that will pave the way for future hotel and commercial development to complete the Village. As a good faith gesture we agreed to reopen Village parking immediately, based on Dan’s commitment to pursuing the forthcoming agreement and recommending its ratification by Town Council.”

The parties will finalize the details of the proposed Path, and will bring it to the Town Council as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

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7 years ago

Shouldn’t the long term parking for the Village be the existing parking lot? Isn’t the Village be responsible for it’s own parking? Why is the town of Mammoth concerned with a private parking lot? Is the town planning to pay for a parking lot for the Village? Thanks, =

7 years ago
Reply to  MJA

You don’t seem to understand that the existing parking lot is not affiliated with the Village development. It is owned by a private party, not the Village. Why would this person’s private parcel be required to provide parking for an unrelated development?

7 years ago

I guess this is a step in the right direction but I remember the parking issue was raised before the Village was built and all these years later and we still don’t have a solid solution to the parking issue, good grief, man.