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Since late on Friday, January 27, 2017 approximately 167 AmeriGas customers along Old Mammoth Road mostly west of Snowcreek Athletic Club have been without propane service.

The problem began with a leak, and, subsequently, a fire, at an AmeriGas facility made up of three tanks and a control facility just west of the intersection of Old Mammoth Road and Waterford Avenue. The affected area includes portions of the neighborhood on both sides of Old Mammoth Road from Crawford Avenue to Sherwin Street.

Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District took necessary early actions and has been monitoring the situation since Friday. They report AmeriGas has completed a detailed inspection of the tanks and that those tanks have been certified by AmeriGas to be placed back in service. AmeriGas expects repairs to the facility to be complete by Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

AmeriGas has already contacted over 140 of the 167 customers to begin to take the necessary steps to restore service. Individual meters and valves need to have snow removed to provide access. Each service needs to be shut off before AmeriGas can recharge the system.

Once all services are shut off, the tanks placed back in service and the system recharged, AmeriGas will begin the process to assist individual customers to restore service.

AmeriGas expects to restore service incrementally as repairs are made. Depending on how long it takes to make contact with customers and perform the necessary work, service will be restored between Wednesday andSaturday, February 3, 2017.

If you are one of the affected customers and have not been contacted, please call AmeriGas immediately at (760) 934-2213.

Looking forward, for all customers of AmeriGas or Eastern Sierra Propane, it is important to note this may not be an isolated incident.

For safety tips, please review:

AmeriGas: Clear snow and ice from around your propane tank. If the pipes freeze and crack, gas can pool in the snow, causing it to become an ignition source, creating a potentially dangerous situation.  View the Propane Safety and Preparing for Winter notice:

Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District: For those homeowners that use propane, keep the top of the tank dug out to allow for quick access to the shutoff valve. Users of propane appliances need to make sure that vents are able to function properly and not blocked by snow.

If an occupant of the building should smell propane, immediately evacuate the structure and call 911 for assistance.  View the recent post by Sierra Wave:


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