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The Inyo National Forest’s Winter Recreation Opportunity Spectrum and Timeline Update

Fall is in the air, and the next preview of the Inyo National Forest final plan is here. Today we’re sharing information about the winter recreation opportunity spectrum (ROS). Previously we shared direction for sustainable recreation, aquatic and riparian resources, wild and scenic rivers, and species of conservation concern. All information is on-line at: http://www.fs.usda.gov/goto/r5/FPRPreview.

The ROS is a tool the Forest Service uses to describe the type of recreation settings and opportunities visitors can expect in certain areas across a forest.

We are revising the Inyo’s forest plan to correctly reflect the types of recreation opportunities that currently occur on the forest throughout the year. In the 1988 Inyo forest plan and draft plan (released May 2016) one ROS map represents all recreation opportunities and settings. However, certain areas have differing recreation opportunities depending on the season, and these differences were not depicted on either plan’s corresponding map.

To clarify this discrepancy, we’ve created a winter ROS map that distinguishes between summer and winter recreation opportunities, and takes into account current forest orders that prohibit winter motorized activities in portions of the Mono Lake and June Lake areas. Please visit our website for an overview, frequently asked questions, and the winter ROS map.

This is not a formal comment period. We are sharing the winter ROS map because the public has requested it, and to provide a preview of the Inyo National Forest’s final land management plan.

So when can you expect the final environmental impact statement (EIS) and forest plan?

Our goal was to release the documents this fall, which would include a 60-day objection period. However, we have shifted the release date to early 2018. It is taking us longer than we anticipated to respond to the input we’ve received. When we considered the timing of the objection period, we realized it would not be convenient for you, our stakeholders, because it would occur over the holiday season. So we will release the final EIS and begin the objection period in the New Year.

We hope this glimpse into plan development is useful. If you have questions please contact Deb Schweizer, Public Affairs Officer for the Inyo National Forest, at 760-873-2427.

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