By Deb Murphy

DAWNDEE ROSSY: Originally slated for October 20, the sentencing of Dawndee Rossy will be handed down at 9 a.m., December 14 at the Independence Courthouse. The delay was due to appointed Judge Philip Argento’s schedule, according to County District Attorney Tom Hardy.

Rossy was found guilty on 91 charges on August 15; the primary charge was embezzlement of $1.5 million from Inyo’s Department of Health and Human Services where she worked as a supervisor.
Her husband, Ken Rossy’s trial on charges related to the case will start that same day.

ANTHONY SHAPERA: Anesthesiologist Dr. Anthony Shapera’s preliminary hearing was continued last week. Shapera was arrested on multiple gun charges April 27, then re-arrested on similar charges in July. Currently out on bail, he and his attorney are reviewing settlement options, according to Hardy. Under a restraining order, Shapera has surrendered his weapons.

RAYMOND BENCOMA: Arrested on four counts of assaulting an officer with a firearm, Raymond Bencoma is due in court November 1 for arraignment on additional charges.
Bencoma was returned to Inyo County from a Reno, Nevada hospital September 19 following an officer-involved shooting in Bishop August 26. “A trial date should be set at the hearing,” stated Hardy in an e-mail, “unless he asks to postpone…. We are preparing to try the case.”

RYAN SHAY: The cause of a campus shut-down at Bishop High on September 29, Ryan Shay is serving a 90-day sentence in Inyo County jail on charges of resisting and delaying peace officers. Initially, the Bishop Police Department responded to a call on domestic violence and gun shots.

According to Hardy, “when the dust settled, there was no domestic violence and no gun…. There is no evidence he entered the high school with the intent to do anything other than run away from the police. He wasn’t ‘after’ anyone and didn’t threaten or harm anyone in the school.” Hardy stated the response from the school and Bishop PD was appropriate given the circumstances as they developed.

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