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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





MONO COURTHOUSEThe 15-year Road Department mechanic fired by Mono County will continue his appeal with no income.  Dick Luman’s attorney, Katie Bellomo, had asked the Mono Board of Supervisors to re-instate Luman and put him on paid administrative leave pending the conclusion of his termination appeal.  She pointed out that the appeal was turning into a much more lengthy process than ever anticipated, burdening Luman with a lack of knowledge about the fate of his job. However, Union policies caused Bellomo to withdraw her request for Luman.

Mono County Counsel Marshall Rudolph said Bellomo learned that her client’s request for paid leave would fall under collective bargaining.  She submitted a letter to the Board withdrawing her request.

That letter says, “Marshall Rudolph has informed me that he spoke with Jerry Fredericks of Local 39 and was told that the union believes this is a meet and confer issue.  Because the meet and confer process would be time-consuming, and is not likely to be concluded (if an agreement were to be reached) prior to conclusion of the Luman hearings, Mr. Luman is withdrawing his request for temporary reinstatement to paid administrative leave status.”  The letter goes on to say, “Under the best of circumstances, even if the relief requested were granted after the meet and confer process, it would have little practical benefit to Mr. Luman because of timing.”

Mr. Luman’s appeal goes to a brief hearing on May 16th with the majority of the case held over until June.