Dispatch service to ambulance company under official review

symonsambulance.jpgWhen the Bishop City Council last met, they considered a report from Bishop Police Chief Chris Carter that said Symons Ambulance service had failed to pay for dispatch services provided by the Police Department.  The Chief left it up to the Council on how to proceed.  Chief Carter has now issued this statement:

“As has been previously reported, the Bishop Police Department provides dispatching service for Symons Ambulance in the Bishop area.  Recently the contract to provide these services expired and due to various issues the City Council recently approved notifying Symons that the Police Department would discontinue providing dispatching services.  Since that time the City has been corresponding with Symons representatives and efforts are currently underway to negotiate a renewal of the contract.  The City of Bishop and the Bishop Police Department recognize the importance of ambulance service to the citizens of Bishop and are making every effort to reach an agreement so that this valuable service can continue.  Any and all proposals for renewal will be brought before the Council for approval.  We will keep the public informed on this important issue as more information becomes available.”

This statement comes from Bishop Police Chief Chris Carter.

2 Responses to Dispatch service to ambulance company under official review

  1. dean September 14, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    Why not just assess an “ambulance” fee like the “fire” and “flood” fees? At least this “fee” would lead to saved lives.

  2. Trouble September 14, 2013 at 6:03 am #

    Don’t pull a Mammoth !


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