Adam Otten, Public Information Officer provided this release to Sierra Wave Media:
“On 02/15/2020 at approximately 8:50 PM, Juvenile #2 was driving a 1996 Chevrolet pickup (Chevrolet) northbound on Sunland Road approaching Sunland Indian Reservation Road at an excessive rate of speed. Juvenile #1 was driving a 2002 Toyota Tacoma (Toyota) northbound on Sunland Road, behind the Chevrolet, approaching Sunland Indian Reservation Road at an excessive rate of speed. The driver of the Toyota crossed over the double yellow lines into the southbound lane of traffic in an attempt to pass the Chevrolet. At the same time, the driver of the Chevrolet was reducing speed and began to make a left turn onto Sunland Indian Reservation Road. The two vehicles collided within the intersection resulting in the Toyota rolling over multiple times and coming to rest on it’s roof within a field west of the roadway. Two juvenile passengers who were riding in the bed of the Toyota were subsequently ejected from the vehicle. The driver and right front passenger of the Toyota were suspended upside down by their seat belts until they were assisted out by another party. Personnel from Bishop CHP, Bishop Volunteer Fire Department, Symons ambulance and Inyo County Sheriff’s Office responded to the collision. All five involved parties were transported by Symons Ambulance to Northern Inyo Hospital for minor injuries.
This collision remains under investigation by the Bishop CHP Office.
Photo credit: CHP Officer Torey Michener”


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