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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Two young men accused of beating up Mammoth Radio DJ Darrel Johnson with skateboards have been sentenced in Mono County Court. The two had faced various assault charges plus hate crime enhancements after an incident at the Village in early November.

At the time of the incident, police reported that witnesses saw three white males fall off their skateboards after leaving the Lakanuki Bar. Witnesses report that several people started laughing at the three skateboarders as they lay in the street, according to police.

Police say that the victim warned the three skateboarders about an oncoming car. The suspects reportedly yelled a racial slur at the victim and assaulted him with their skateboards, as well as kicked and hit him while he was down, according to police.

The two suspects, 21 year old Anthony Saucedo of Mammoth and 21 year old Kevin Malburg, have now been sentenced.

District Attorney George Boothe reports that Anthony Saucedo has pled to assault with a deadly weapon with enhancements for great bodily injury and prior prison time. The hate crime enhancement was dropped. DA Boothe reports that Saucedo will serve a full 365 days in Mono County jail, with no possible time off for good behavior or work. Saucedo also agreed to five years of probation and to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills to the victim.

Kevin Malburg has been sentenced to time served, probation, and fines for charges of public intoxication and fighting in a public place.