[Press Release from Inyo County | August 12, 2020]

(Response on action from Two Brothers on Facebook, after the IC Press Release)

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Inyo County Superior Court Judge, The Hon. Stephen M. Place, approved Temporary Restraining Order on Two Brothers from Italy Restaurant in Big Pine, Calif. as requested by the Inyo County Health Department

Inyo County Forced To Get Restraining Order against Non-Compliant Restaurant

INYO COUNTY, CA, August 12, 2020 – Today, Inyo County obtained a judicial restraining order against Two Brothers From Italy (Big Pine, CA) prohibiting them from continuing to violate the state and local COVID-19 health orders.  The County was forced to commence this action after multiple failed attempts to gain Two Brothers’ voluntary compliance.

As stated in the County’s request “It is with great regret that Inyo County filed this lawsuit and sought this temporary restraining order.  The County understands that these are difficult times for all businesses, and the last thing that the County wants to do is impose additional expenses or stress on business owners.  However, the County—and in particular, its Health Officer Dr. James Richardson—are also charged with protecting the public from the dangers of communicable diseases, such as COVID-19.”

Restraining Order

Two Brothers must suspend their operations,  create, and adhere to, a business operations plan and comply with County Health Orders for COVID-19 protections.

Today’s court order means that Two Brothers must suspend their operations until they are able to create, and adhere to, a business operations plan ensuring that they will no longer maintain an environment with such a high risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Inyo County recognizes that the vast majority of our businesses, residents, and visitors are adhering to the public health orders and we THANK YOU for that effort.  Our continued collective efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 are essential to keep our businesses open and our communities healthy.  We are all in this together. ###END###

Two Brothers from Italy, Big Pine, responded to the action by posting on their Facebook Page the following:

Well as you all know me and Gio have been placed on a court ordered vacation, 10 to 22 days????????????. And please do not worry about me and Gio and the kids with are totally good????????????. Long story short we Really want to thank you all for your support. We started our business in the shoulder season and never had a tourist season, it was all you locals that kept us in business for almost a year ( A year wow we almost made it a year ) But thank You all for your support it means the world to me and Gio and the kids. You all have become a part of our family over this crazy short year and will always be a part of our Family????????????


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