Truck Stop of the Future

With thousands of semi-trucks up and down Highway 395 daily, the big question for truckers – Where’s the truckstop?

Eventually, it will appear north of Independence, according to those at work on an obviously large project on the west side of Highway 395 on Ft. Independence Reservation land. Major excavation continues there to clear the way for highway businesses.

Richard Stewart of Big Pine, Environmental Director on the project, confirmed that tribal plans include a convenience store and gas station, with eventual plans for a truck stop at the far north end.

An engineering firm from Kentucky and other contractors continue with major earth moving. Challenges include entrance and exit on and off the highway.

Mr. Stewart responded to concerns expressed over Native American artifacts and cultural values at the site. He assured that these matters have been checked out and that two graves were discovered and protected.

Stewart stressed that those on the project will stay on top of these kinds of concerns.

Chairman of the Independence tribe, Carl Dahlberg, was out of the area on a family emergency and unavailable for comment. We did learn that the project has been privately financed.


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