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A close call for one young woman who rolled her truck into the Owens River then failed to report the incident.

The young woman from Bishop rolled the truck into the river on Sunday, but escaped unhurt. It was Tuesday before a DWP Helicopter patrolling the aqueduct spotted the white Toyota pick up submerged in the river near the rope swing down stream from Line Street.

After further investigation, Highway Patrol Officers report that the truck belongs to 18 year old Bishop Resident Olivia Giguere. Officers say that on Sunday at about 4:15 in the afternoon, the young woman lost control of the Toyota after an unsafe turning movement. The truck rolled down the embankment and into the river where Giguere had to climb out of the driver side window and swim to safety.

After receiving the report of the truck from the DWP helicopter, Highway Patrol Officers, the Inyo Sheriff, Inyo Search and Rescue and Fish and Game headed out to the scene to search for possible victims.

An Inyo SAR volunteer in a wetsuit was tasked with attaching the tow chain to the submerged vehicle. The Toyota was on its side about three feet under the swift current. After a few dives, the chain was attached and the Inyo Mono Towing crew fired up their truck to pull the Toyota out.

The first attempt ended with a broken chain and a disappointed diver who then had to head back into the water for a second try with a bigger chain. This time the crews were successful in pulling the water logged white Toyota pick up out of the water and up the bank.

The windshield was smashed out and the roof badly dented from rolling down the bank. The keys were still in the ignition, but thankfully no victims were found in the vehicle.

After the accident on Sunday, Officers say that the young woman then left the scene without notifying the authorities. When asked if this were an alcohol related incident, Highway Patrol Officers said that was undetermined. No citations were issued.

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