Tri-County Fair-It’s All About the Entries

Entries have been coming in for weeks, but the Tri-County Fair really gears up tonight. All the arena events, like concert and the destruction derby get a good amount of press, but Fairgrounds General Manager Jim Tatum says that many competitions and entries are what really make the fair special. From home grown vegetables to art, residents of Inyo, Mono, and Alpine Counties can show off their stuff and compete.

Tatum says that our valley is blessed with talented people, like chefs and florists. “It’s not just professionals, we’re talking about homemakers, dads, and regular guys,” he says. That skill is evident when you tour the exhibits and entries at the fair, according to Tatum.

Ribbons go out in many different categories, but the food is always a crowd favorite. Thursday night is the cookie contest, the homemade ice cream contest and the pie contest as well as the concert.

Tomorrow night in the party barn things really heat up with the beer and wine contest, barbecue contest, and the dips and salsa contest. Tatum calls this Friday night event “the biggest part of the year.”

With so much going on, including an expanded carnival, Tatum says his favorite part of the fair is the kids who enter the competitions.

At the fairgrounds Thursday, the volunteers will be busy as the fresh entries, like flower arrangements and garden vegetables, arrive. The many entries have to be checked in and judged all in time for the fair to open at 4:00 in the afternoon.


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