Trees Win a Reprieve

In the Eastern Sierra, we love our trees. Tens of thousands were lost over the decades to water export and groundwater pumping in the Owens Valley. In Mammoth Lakes, trees fell to development until the citizens said, enough. The Town adopted a tree ordinance which spells out how trees are handled. So, it’s no surprise that when Inyo’s Public Works crew got ready to put a chainsaw to two 70 year old trees in Independence, citizens said, no.

That was this early this morning. Word spread in the small town, and the destruction of the two lovely Deodor Cedars seemed wrong to those who found out. Members of the Civic Club objected.

The county crews graciously held off while politics unfolded. Seems the Board of Supervisors approved the tree destruction a year ago related to a branch that fell on a fence. Public Works Director Ron Chegwidden said that a limb had fallen and the Supervisors agreed the trees were a hazard.

Citizens noted that perhaps a falling limb was not reason to kill two, whole trees that otherwise appeared healthy.

Thanks to quick response by county staff and members of the Board of Supervisors the trees won a reprieve and the issue will go to the Board meeting next Tuesday morning.

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