Bus drivers for Eastern Sierra Transit Authority have lived with a conflict – their job to provide transit and the needs of the elderly and frail who ride the bus. ESTA board members have tried to work it out. esta_board_6-19

At their last meeting, the board talked more about ESTA’s mission and values. Director John Helm said that the board focused on the level of service for Dial A Ride. They agreed to state that they want the level of service to be “door to door service, including opening the door but not crossing the threshold of the destination location.”

Helm said a driver present at the meeting was supportive. Helm said this service matter was one of the key issues contributing to what a consultant called “mission conflict.”

In other transit matters, the board also supported a modification of the Mammoth Express schedule. That’s the bus that travels back and forth between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes. Helm said requests had come in for a mid-day run. The Board said work it out in conjunction with the evening route.

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