Traditional Clerk Hatter Retires

Town Clerk for Mammoth Lakes, Anita Hatter, made her grand exit at the Dec. 16 Town Council meeting. Several months


Anita Hatter, 20-year employee

ago Hatter had agreed to take her retirement early in order to help the Town through its budget crisis. Clerk for 18 years and a Town employee for 20, the Dec. 16 Council meeting was her last to formally attend.

After receiving flowers, a crown, and many congratulatory remarks from her colleagues, Hatter shared a few thoughts, explaining that the definition of a cohort is one that tells you there is a hole in your pants. She then requested that everyone in the room stand and sing Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” with her. Obliging their favorite Town Clerk, everyone did.

Deputy Town Clerk Jamie Gray takes over for Hatter and took the minutes for the Dec. 16 meeting.

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