Town of Mammoth Lakes Rescinding February 26, 2021 Short-term Lodging Order

Mammoth Lakes Rescinding Short-term Lodging Order

The Town of Mammoth Lakes will be rescinding the February 26, 2021 Short-term Lodging Order.

Short-term lodging facilities (including, but not limited to, hotels, motels, condo/hotels, short-term or vacation rentals such as those rented through Airbnb or similar rental platforms, timeshares, bed and breakfast establishments, cabins, RV parks, campgrounds, private residence clubs, and other similar units) are no longer subject to the requirements of the February 26, 2021 Order, but shall comply with applicable orders, regulations, and guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health, other state agencies or staff, and the Mono County Health Officer.

Daniel C. Holler, Mammoth Lakes Town Manager

“The decision to rescind the Town’s lodging order is due to ongoing review of COVID-19 metrics impacting our community. We have exceeded expectation for vaccinations. The positivity rate for COVID-19 has continued to decline demonstrating a lower rate of disease spread. The number of cases per 100,000 population has also trended downward, with the most recent State reported number of 7.2 cases. Even with the last State numbers resulting in Mono County remaining in the Purple Tier the overall trends in cases, positivity rates and vaccinations provide data supporting the elimination of the Town of Mammoth Lakes local Lodging Order,” stated Daniel C. Holler, Town Manager.

The rescinding of the order means that short-term lodging operators are not required to leave units vacant for a minimum period of 24 hours between occupancies.

The Town does recommend the continuation of enhanced sanitization procedures as outlined in State Guidance for the health and safety of lodging employees and guests. This includes use of PPE and thoroughly cleaning/sanitizing rooms, appliances and soft goods between each short-term lodging reservation.

Lodging Amenities 
Lodging operations are to follow state guidelines related to fitness centers, hot tubs, pools or other amenities (

Cover. Wash. Distance #staysafetostayopen #VaccinateMono 


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Mile High Mania
Mile High Mania
1 year ago

They should have done that last March.
Wonder how many businesses will go bankrupt

1 year ago

Well now, after Mono County Counsel and the Board of Supervisors have been saying for months they can’t be less restrictive than the state orders, they can only be more strict than the state orders, it appears that they were completely full of $**t. Absolutely infuriating incompetence and negligence!

1 year ago

Good news, particularly for the few operators who were actually still following the order.