mammoth_town_officeMonday marked the final day of work for two key members of the Mammoth Town staff. Their positions were eliminated by the Town Council in September. That’s Assistant Town Manager Karen Johnston and Human Resources Director Michael Grossblatt.

In the official Town News release this week, officials offered a salute to Karen and Michael. Part of it said, “They are people who care deeply about the Town and its residents and who have done everything in their power as employees and individuals to make it a better place.”

The Council had voted to eliminate some nine positions in September as they voiced concern about the ongoing recession and need to treat local government conservatively.

As some employees bowed out, the Town moved ahead to hire a new official. Candidates for the position of Recreation Director were recently interviewed by two independent panels. After the interviews, the panels got together to discuss their evaluation of the candidates. The next phase involves background and reference checks on the top candidate.

The Town also received seven proposals from firms interested in the contract for Town Attorney services. Long-time Town Attorney Peter Tracy decided to call it quits at the end of this year. The Council sub-committee will hold its first meeting this week to review the proposals.

And a reminder from the Town that local bears are on a mission to fatten up for hibernation. They are prowling for unsecured trash. The Town asks that you make sure your dumpster is closed and securely latched at all times.

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