Town Manager on State of the Budget

So, what’s the real bottom line on the Town of Mammoth’s budget situation? Town Manager Rob Clark made it clear that Mammoth deals with a $116,500 budget shortfall plus the use of $1.5 million of the Reserve for Economic Uncertainties.

Clark said that another $750,000 budget for litigation costs will pay down part of that $1.5 million over the course of a year. The $1.5 million draw on the reserves happened because of a slowdown in building and litigation costs.

Clark underscored that the budget approved by the Town Council will be balanced. Still unresolved – how to handle community development fees. The Town Council appointed a subcommittee to focus on this and other budget issues. The Council will talk more about revenue and the budget at later meetings.

On capital improvement projects for which the Town has grant money but needs matching dollars, officials loaned the projects the $3.2 million that was intended for a Village parking structure. Clark said that MMSA and CNL, which owns the Village, could not agree on an assessment district. That failure to agree scuttled the parking structure for now.

Clark said when the economy and building pick up and developer impact fees come in, money will still be dedicated to parking in the Village in some form.

The Town Manager called the Town’s general fund “resilient and stable.” He said very conservative estimates show next year’s general fund only a little under this year’s.

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