Town Manager moves ahead with changes

Interim Town Manager Dan Holler re-organizes with no new funding.

Interim Town Manager Dan Holler re-organizes with no new funding.

With the blessing of the Mammoth Town Council, Interim Town Manager Dan Holler has put in motion his suggestions for government re-organization.

Holler said he expected to wrap up updated job descriptions and recruitment brochures to hire a new Public Works Director and a Finance Director for the Town of Mammoth. He said a new building official has been hired and also a full-time code compliance person. Interviews are coming up for an assistant planner, and the Manager’s plans include additional clerical help for the Town Clerk.

Holler said he will not use a recruitment firm to look for the new directors. He will advertise in a number of places. Holler said he is trying to reduce the number of people who report to the Public Works Director to free that person up for tasks other than managing daily operations.

In the Finance Department, a Finance Manager will work under the Finance Director. The other major point of work in this department will be a new software program to keep track of the Town’s money. Holler said this will take time to put together and also go through a competitive bid process – six months or more. Once a system is purchased, the Town will run it in parallel with the current system to make sure things work. With a new system, Holler said officials can pull out reports to help manage the budget.

Holler and the Town Council decided not to hire a Community and Economic Development Director. The plan there is to hire consultants for economic development ideas, if needed. Also on the Manager’s plate – a review of Developer Impact Fees.

What about projecting Town revenues? In the past, those predictions have frequently not matched actual money that comes in. Holler said the Town could build different predictive computer models. Questions still remain – how conservative does the Town want to be in those projections? Holler said that at a Town Council meeting in February he will offer a mid-year update on revenues. Of revenue projections Holler said, “It’s an art more than a science.”

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