Town Management Delivers 30-Day Notice to Six Employees

Although members of the Town Council and the Town Manager have declined to confirm it, sources in Mammoth mammoth_town_officegovernment point to a loss of jobs for some town workers as officials face the public call to shrink government and provide more service.

Sources close to town government confirmed that some six mid-level employees received thirty days notice Thursday morning. Reports indicated that these employees would receive 60 days of severance pay. On the chopping block, according to reports, three jobs in Community Development, one job in Recreation, one position in Finance and one in Engineering. Some suggest that more lay-offs will unfold, possibly department head positions.

Mammoth Mayor Skip Harvey said that at their meeting Wednesday night, the Council asked Town Manager Rob Clark to firm up proposals for re-structuring Mammoth government and “if needed,” said Harvey, “to make staffing changes.” Harvey said that Clark will prepare discussions for the September 1st Council meeting. “In doing that,” said Harvey, “Rob Clark will notify employees who might possibly be affected by any changes.”

Earlier this week, sources revealed to us that some Mammoth Town department heads had already heard they might face lay-off. Council members continue to make it clear that they can not terminate individual workers but they can and have demanded cuts close to $1.2 million from the proposed budget.

Mayor Harvey did say he believes the Council has general public support for their work to shrink government. “Everybody knows what has to be done,” said the Mayor, “and we’re moving forward.”

Councilman Matthew Lehman said his campaign was about budget cuts. “A lot of funding goes to government itself,” said Lehman, “and not to the needs of the people.” Lehman said this is not a problem unique to Mammoth. He said nationwide more money goes toward government. It’s out of control.

Lehman said the Council created their list of priorities Wednesday. As for changes, Lehman said the Town Manager is the ultimate authority. Councilman Lehman did say that Manager Clark will notify employees in the next day or so. “He will notify people of the merging of jobs and things of that nature,” said Lehman. He added that those in government seem to have a “big misconception about the realities out here.”

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