Town of Mammoth Lakes expands recycling programs

Press release

Mammoth Lakes, CA – The Town of Mammoth Lakes (TOML), The Sierra
Conservation Project, Inc. (SCP) and Mammoth Disposal (MD) are excited to
announce the expansion of current condominium, commercial and recreational area
recycling programs in the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

TOML, SCP and MD are working on a grant-funded project to expand condominium programs, and to increase and improve commercial recycling programs within the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

SCP and MD are working in partnership with the Town of Mammoth Lakes and the
Department of Recourses Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to provide
convenient recycling opportunities for both visitors and residents of Mammoth

Thanks to a $211,732 grant from CalRecycle, the project will be able to
expand current condo programs by providing outdoor bear-proof recycling
containers to condominium and apartment complexes. SCP will also be expanding
and improving their commercial recycling programs by upgrading their business
recycling container fleet to bear proof models. Mammoth Disposal will utilize funds
to purchase equipment to increase efficiency at their recycling center in Mammoth
Lakes. The aim of the project is to provide the bear-proof containers and other
equipment necessary to launch successful recycling programs within the community
that benefits our guests, residents and wildlife.

Town of Mammoth Lakes, Sierra Conservation Project and Mammoth Disposal will
work in partnership to ensure the growth and success of this program. Brian
Robinette, owner of SCP, emphasized the need for convenient recycling programs
that serve our local residents and visitors.

“Recyclable materials make up a large percentage of the waste produced in our
residential complexes and businesses,” Robinette said. “We have about 100 condo
complexes here in Mammoth that have had great success with our condo recycling
programs. This project will allow us to provide the expensive bear proof containers
to the remaining complexes town that don’t currently have a recycling program in
place. It is our goal to bring all complexes in town into compliance with recycling
requirements under state and local laws.”

Robinette explained, “I am excited to have the opportunity to help grow and
improve the already successful business recycling system here in town; our goal is
to upgrade to all bear proof containers at restaurants, bars and other business
locations. We will also focus on expanding to new businesses and providing
existing business participants with updated equipment and educational materials.
These programs are a great opportunity to divert recyclable materials from our local
landfill. We are confident that providing start-up infrastructure for these complexes
and businesses will help make program implementation affordable and reduce the
environmental impacts of each resident & guest.”

For additional information on this program and details on how your condominium
complex or business can take advantage of this opportunity, contact Sierra
Conservation Project at (760) 914-0115 or e-mail [email protected].
Condominium recycling program information packet and sign-up sheet can be
downloaded at or on the Town of Mammoth Lakes website


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