Town Council pleased with Interim Manager’s plans

Interim Town Manager Dan Holler re-organizes with no new funding.

Interim Town Manager Dan Holler re-organizes with no new funding.

Happy that he reduced the Town Manager’s salary and re-organized government management, the Mammoth Town Council unanimously approved Interim Town Manager Dan Holler’s recommendations for restructuring town management positions and the organization as a whole.

Holler studied Town government for 45 days and came to the Council with his recommendations to keep a single-person Human Resources Office with potential for expansion in the future, to hire Directors of Public Works and Finance, to add support personnel in various offices and to budget the Town Manager’s pay at a reduced $158,000 plus benefits. Holler also suggested the Town not hire an expensive Community and Economic Development Director in favor of technical staff support. All told, Holler recommended re-allocation of $420,000 of budgeted funds to new positions at no additional cost.

After years of financial and personnel trouble, the Council members were all pleased. Matthew Lehman said it might be the first time he has seen a Town Manager reduce his own salary. Michael Raimondo said he was happy to see the recommendation to hire a Public Works Director and a Finance Director. Raimondo said to Holler, “I think you did a really good job. Also you’re giving the staff more support. We had decimated departments,” said Raimondo. “You did a really good job cleaning it up.”

Mayor Rick Wood liked the new salary structures for at-will employees. John Eastman said of Holler’s plans, “Everything he said is what I was thinking. Thanks for putting this together in 45 days. We’ve been looking for something like this for years.”

Holler credited the staff for helping put together plans. Jo Bacon said, “I also support these actions. It’s important to hire a Public Works Director with summer projects ahead and a Finance Director. The new Finance system won’t go forward without a director,” she said.

The Council unanimously supported Holler’s plans with recruitment for new directors to begin right away. Holler had suggested internal recruitment for department heads.


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Desert Tortoise
Desert Tortoise
7 years ago

The number and size of reports a Finance Department must generate are determined by law for the sake of mandatory public disclosure and to comply with legislative requirements to qualify for state funds and they are not related to the size of that city. There is a minimum threshold of people you can have in a Finance Department below which you simply cannot generate the reports required of them by law. Read any city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR, and tell me you could do this without taking a very great deal of time. I can tell you that in my city the data for that CAFR does not come directly off the ciy’s computer system. What a city needs to produce and manage a budget is quite a bit different from what is put in the CAFR, but both of those documents and many others are required of a city by law.

Here we go...
Here we go...
7 years ago

So…the “plan” is to add another 6-figure salary position to the finance department. They can afford 2 such positions in *one* department?

How many cops do we have, again?

P.S. Most places buy new software to reduce staff positions, not add them.