Town Council Candidate Explains Run-Ins with the Law

One of Mammoths Town Council Candidates is still licking his wounds and complaining about security guards and


Mammoth Police who he said kicked him out and kept him out of a heavy metal concert at Canyon Lodge. Allen Blumer claims he did nothing wrong, got no help from police and still doesn’t have his trademark hat back. The unconventional candidate also confirmed that this was not his first brush with the law. Blumer confirmed he has done prison time.

Blumer, who is 46-years-old, said he still likes rock concerts. Some said he’d had too much to drink and that security asked him to leave. Blumer said security claimed he was touching girls inappropriately. He denied that. He said Mammoth police told him he seemed intoxicated. He claims he was just out of breath.

Blumers beef was the fact that his coat, wallet, hat and keys were still in the concert. He got everything but the hat back later. He was not arrested by police.

In the course of public discussion about Blumers hustle out of the concert, some sources said he had previous run-ins with the law. When asked about that, Blumer admitted that he’d spent some time in prison.

The Town Council candidate said he did four or five years in High Desert Prison for driving under the influence. He puts a positive spin on the experience. Blumer said he helped other inmates get education and he never got tattoos.


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