Rising fuel prices appear to be affecting locals on fixed incomes.

Monica Allen with Sierra Employment Services reports that in recent months as many as five senior citizens have come by the employment agency looking for part time work. Allen explained that people come to the Eastern Sierra to retire, but some aren’t able to make ends meet on their fixed incomes. Social Security checks are not paying enough to live here, she says.

The reason cited by the seniors looking for work- rising propane bills.

When we spoke with Mary Miller director at IMAA, she explained that her organization helps mainly with frail elderly people. She has not heard of anyone looking for part-time work at this time. Its tough, out there for seniors, Miller says.

When it comes to propane and heating prices, she explained that IMAACA has energy assistance for people to help pay for wood, gas, and electricity, but that the assistance ran out in October this year.

Furthering the fixed income trouble, Mary Miller explained that Social Security usually offers an annual cost of living adjustment, but that many trailer parks raise the rent by exactly that amount each year. If the Social Security raise isn’t spent on the rent, Miller says that everything else would be eaten up by the grocery store.

Reports do confirm that high fuel prices have also boosted the cost of food by virtue of its transport.

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