After years of failed efforts, Mammoth Town officials now have a plan to get serious about collection of Transient Occupancy Taxes.  The Town Council agreed that letters should go to single family homes


If condos or homes rent to tourists, they must pay a tax.

that fail to pay those taxes, along with condo owners. They also agreed that staff should move rapidly ahead with enforcement work.

In a lengthy discussion of the new TOT enforcement and collection plan, Councilman John Eastman supported an initial fine of $100 with a notice to violators.  “I see confusion,” said Eastman.  “People are waiting to see if the Town is serious.”  Eastman said the fine will prove the Town does mean business.

TOT is a major revenue stream for the Town, and now the Finance Department and Community Development Department will handle enforcement and penalties.
Officials from these departments made it clear that those who rent out space to tourists must get a business license and TOT certificate.  They must also file regular reports of activity.

Letters continue to go out to those who the Town believes are renting without paying taxes.  For those who fail to cooperate, the Town can assess them, including up to four years of back taxes.

The Town Council voted unanimously to move ahead with all facets of the enforcement and collection program.

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