TOML Manager responds to Sierra Wave Inquiry on whether Town’s following state guidelines

Dan Holller, Town Manager for Town of Mammoth Lakes

Message from Dan Holler, TOML  Manager:

The Town is abiding by the state orders. We do have finite limits on what we can do regarding enforcement actions, responding to complaints, follow up, etc. which we will continue to do. We have what we believe to be a significant illegal rental activity happening, which is very time consuming to pursue.

We continue to work with local businesses to define the legal and practical implementation. For example, we are not allowing indoor dining. We do have outdoor seating areas that any member of the public can use and whether or not they are resting, eating, reading, etc. which they may do so. There is no “table service” provided, the space is not restricted to any specific business use, etc.

Under the state and local orders there are exceptions for lodging such as essential service workers – a relatively large group, homelessness (we include those displaced by natural disasters -i.e. fire), isolation or quarantine related, safety (people placed by law enforcement, social services, stranded travelers, etc.) and we allow owners of property to come and use their property.

We do receive questions regarding our level of enforcement as it is more aggressive than restaurants and lodging properties outside of Mono County which appear to continue to operate with little or no change in operations This includes neighboring counites and others within the Southern California Region.

Dan Holler, Town Manager

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2 years ago

“we allow owners of property to come and use their property.”

Gee, thanks Mr. Holler! We are lucky to live under such benevolent, lenient rulers. How kind.

OK satire off. I’m old enough to remember when the uttering of those words by a government official would have been considered obscene.

erik simpson
erik simpson
2 years ago
Reply to  Tourbillon

I believe Holler is actually an employee of the town council. Still, it’s a startling assertion.