Toiyabe Indian Health Project CEO Reportedly Leaving at End of Month

Dr. Kori Novak, current CEO of the Toiyabe Indian Health Project

Dr. Kori Novak, current CEO of the Toiyabe Indian Health Project, reportedly plans to leave at end of November 2020.

Reportedly, CEO Dr. Kori Novak, is presenting her official resignation, effective at the end of the month, to the Toiyabe Indian Health Project at the regular TIHP Board meeting scheduled for this morning.

If that happens, Sierra Wave News will follow up Novak’s resignation with, hopefully, an interview and a copy of her resignation letter. Until we get a copy of the official resignation, and we can speak with her, we’re do not to wish to speculate as to the cause or reasoning behind her decision to leave. She deserves that courtesy, and we plan to make sure that she has it.

It seems that every CEO recently at the Project comes under relentless attacks from unhappy members of the tribal members and non-native clients as well, which is not to say they do not often have legitimate concerns, but all too often it seems the intent is to destroy whoever holds the position, rather than attempts at conciliation, cooperation, or accommodation. It often seems that, or at least to those of us that have covered TIHP over the years, that it does not seem to matter what the color may be of the CEO’s skin, as much as how thick it is. And it keeps on being “never thick enough.” Whether the CEOs in the past invited controversy and participated in their own demise, TIHP deserves to have good leadership; one which invites cooperation, a team spirit that respects staff and patients, as well as displays an open, generous nature.

The recent turmoil seen at TIHP is concerning, with a revolving chair of CEOs. Tribal politics seem to have much to do with it, which is unfortunate at best. The Toiyabe Indian Health Project is a vital part of the local and regional healthcare system in Inyo and Mono counties for both non-native patients and Native Americans. It’s in the interests of us all to have a vital and healthy organization that provides quality healthcare in cooperation and coordination with the other healthcare providers and hospitals in our area.

Stay tuned.



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Sherry L Kriescher
Sherry L Kriescher
2 years ago

People would rather read half truths than know the true story of favoritism and retaliation all at the expense of the patient. Why because then it would mean people have to get involved. Hate my comments all you want, you are just proving my point. People want to point to… Read more »

Sherry L Kriescher
Sherry L Kriescher
2 years ago

Charles, where was Sierra Wave when people were protesting about the bad leadership. I would think the news would of starting looking into this then. Leadership is about serving the people and in Native country that is not always easy to do. Yes politics play some role in this but… Read more »