Sierra Wave Media

Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





After every vacation – or at least the ones where I actually leave the
area – I’m always reminded that one of the great things about living in
the Eastern Sierra is the wide-open spaces. LADWP owns the water and
the land, but we do have great places to walk our dogs. Taz approves.

However, reading our fine website, it’s obvious we must
always respect the river, the mountains, the canals. Mother Nature can be
brutal; Father Time, as we all know, is undefeated.

Speaking of time, I just enjoyed a birthday with the wisdom and unique
outlook on life that only an over-the-hill ne’er-do-well can, and I’m
very happy to report I don’t feel older one little bit. That said, I’m
sure I look older, my muscles, organs, brain, etc., are older and every
punk under 30 thinks they’re better than the old guy, but, really,
seriously, I’ve convinced myself, I don’t feel older.

Watching “We Are Marshall” for the fourth time got me way more excited for
football season than those NFL fakies.

Fakies may or may not be a real word, but I like it.

You know, I’m no bright, seemingly overcompensated government “worker,” but I know some
people who just keep their important papers in the freezer.

Uh, after thinking through a few possible definitions for fakies, I don’t
like it so much.