‘Tis the Season – for the Internationally Acclaimed Fruitcake Festival!

Press release

The 14th Internationally Acclaimed, Annual Fruitcake Festival formally roots a return to normalcy this December.

On Saturday, the 15th of December, the gathering for all things Fruitcake will take place at the American Legion Hall of the Inyo County Seat Independence, California.

Inyo Supervisor Jeff Griffiths showing his moves on the floor as giant fruitcake threatens to crush other dancers

The theme this year is a gloriously celebratory ‘When You Wish Upon A Fruitcake’, allowing for any dreams to not only come true but to be dressed up in suitably glorious fashion, however you wish and danced through into the wee hours.

The evening will begin at 6pm with the Festival Convocation by way of Clanging of Flatware and the introduction of Distinguished Guests.

Prior to the Judging of Fruitcake and the much-anticipated Prize Giving for costume & Fruitcake the usual merriment will unfold fuelled by egg nog & fanciful dancing to specially curated tunes. Towards this final aspect of the celebrations the Archival Civil Defense Fruitcake will be unearthed and tasted by some fortunate attendee ~ it is said that Fruitcake merely improves with age ~ 14 years old, in this case.

This is, of course, a free event of devotion to all things Fruitcake ~ plan on bringing one of your own to be judged and/or some egg nog, leaded or unleaded!

Date & Time : 15th December, 2018 at 6pm
Telephone enquiries : 760 878 8084
Contact : Violette Cerise
email : [email protected]


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4 years ago

I’d rather shovel snow!