National Park Officials reported that they opened Tioga Pass to vehicles Tuesday afternoon. With this important and scenic road to the west side of the Sierra open in time for the holiday, Yosemite staff expects a busy weekend.

The road has been open to the pass from the east side for several weeks, allowing anglers and skiers to access the Tioga Pass area, but with the entire road now open, people who plan to visit Yosemite can head over the pass to extend their trips to the Eastern Sierra. Residents of the Eastern Sierra can now shave time off any trips to the west side of the Sierra with this relatively direct route.

The road is open, but Park Officials say that services in Tuolumne will be limited this weekend. The gas station will have gas available, and the pit toilets will be open, but the campgrounds and the visitor center arent scheduled to be available.

Additional services are expected to become available over the next few weeks. tiogapass

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