Tim Alpers, retired from trout, says he wants to serve the public.

Long famous for his unique brand of trout, Tim Alpers has now turned back to an earlier pursuit – public service. Alpers has announced that he will run for Mono County Supervisor in District 3 in the June election. Here is his statement released Thursday:

“I am announcing my candidacy for the Mono County District Three Supervisorial seat in the upcoming June election. I retired from my 42 year career in Aquaculture to pursue my passion for public service. Alpers Trout will continue to be stocked in the waters of Inyo and Mono Counties as I have transferred my ownership interest to my former partners, John Frederickson and Steve Brown. I spent years training our hatchery team best management practices and husbandry techniques that helped draw anglers of all ages from all over the country to fish the pristine waters of our area. As a former Mono County District Three Supervisor, I decided to return to public life because I am once again concerned about the future of our country as well as Mono County. Federal and State government is experiencing alarming governance problems. Our best hope for a return to the honest representation of the people which built this great nation rests in local jurisdictions. Those of us who believe in the basic tenets of American civilization cannot afford to sit on the sidelines any longer. I have always believed that county government is best suited to conscientiously deliver basic services to our citizenry. My vision for Mono County is that it can become a sparkling, positive example for the nation of how our government can partner with its constituencies to dispense realistic, efficient, and cost effective services. This can only be accomplished through transparent leadership from the top down through all County employees. To maintain our eastern Sierra quality of life, it is essential that we have a thriving tourism and recreation based economy. If elected, I intend to leverage all of my experience and influence to stimulate economic recovery and responsible development. The keys to economic health are small business success and a competent, motivated workforce in both the public and private sectors. I have demonstrated my commitment to act as a steward of our exceptional landscape, which serves as the County’s primary economic calling card. Such stewardship by the Mono County Board of Supervisors will assure our financial health. I look forward to meeting and discussing issues of common concern with the people of District Three regarding the future of our beautiful County.”

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