Three Days at Klondike Lake

The intense public effort to get more use out of Klondike Lake from DWP has paid off. LADWP announced that starting Friday, Klondike Lake will be available to motorized watercraft two additional days per week through the rest of the summer. DWP’s Manager Gene Coufal said watercraft can now use Klondike on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through September 6th. klondike_lake__boat

DWP does require all motorized watercraft to be inspected for invasive mussels before being launched into bodies of water under its management including Klondike, Crowley and Diaz Lakes because of the damage the quagga mussels can do.

Starting tomorrow, a DWP employee will be on hand at the Highway 395 gate into Klondike from 8am to 10 am Fridays through Sundays to allow access. All boaters must be off the lake by sunset.

Once you’re into the lake, you have to stay. You can’t come and go. All watercraft must be re-inspected prior to using the lake on subsequent weekends.

Boat pre-inspections can be done at DWP headquarters on Mandich St. in Bishop from 8am to 3pm, Mondays through Fridays. Schedule an appointment by calling 760-873-0409.

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