Bishop Police Department news release

This past Sunday afternoon, BPD received a call of a possible burglary that had occurred at a residence located on the 200 block of E. Elm St. The reporting party related her neighbors were out of town and that something was out of place at their residence.

The field investigation soon confirmed that a burglary had occurred over the weekend and the suspects also stole the victims’ truck. The stolen truck was entered into the national law enforcement database and local law enforcement began searching for it as well. In addition, the victims’ spread the word on social media. During the course of the investigation, BPD identified two persons of interest – James Hubbs and Heather Botello – and potential witnesses.

Monday afternoon, law enforcement dispatch centers began receiving information from citizens that the stolen truck was occupied and somewhere off of Otey Rd. A CHP Officer, Sheriff’s Deputies, and BPD Officers responded and began canvassing the area. Roughly one-mile down a dirt road, the CHP Officer located the stolen truck.

Shortly thereafter, law enforcement officers detained the two occupants – Tiara Kinney and James Hubbs, who was the male previously identified as a person of interest. BPD transported the two suspects to the police department for further investigation.

In the late afternoon, BPD and CHP responded to a mobile home park located on the 2000 block of W. Line Street in an attempt to locate the second person of interest, Heather Botello. Botello was located inside a small trailer. A search of the trailer revealed a good portion of the victims’ stolen property. Botello was transported to the PD for further investigation. All three suspects were eventually transported to the county jail and charged with:

James Hubbs: 459 PC (Residential Burglary), 10851 CVC (Stolen Vehicle), 496 PC (Possession of Stolen Property), and 1203.2 PC (Violation of Probation);

Heather Botello: 459 PC (Residential Burglary), 10851 CVC (Stolen Vehicle), and 496 PC (Possession of Stolen Property);

Tiara Kinney: 496 PC (Possession of Stolen Property) and 1203.2 PC (Violation of Probation).

Anyone with pertinent information about these suspects or this crime is encouraged to contact Bishop PD at (760) 873-5866.