This week on Sierrawave Presents: Little Hood Riding Brat! Performed by Playhouse 395

Once upon a time…on Sierrawave Presents:  Local theater company Playhouse395, performs a twisted take, on a timeless classic. LITTLE HOOD RIDING…BRAT! by Author, Jack Helbig.

Little HOOD Riding Brat is a twisted fairytale that pokes fun at the original Brother’s Grim story, “Little Red Riding Hood”. In this version, Little Red, has some issues concerning her name, her mother’s baking, granny’s neighborhood, and the list goes on! Will the narrator ever be able to tell this story without her constant criticism? Will the wolf really eat granny and get cut open like a melon? Will any of them live “happily ever after”? Teens will adore this fun play filled with sarcasm and humor! So sit back and be ready for laughs loyal listeners. This week on Sierrawave presents…..

Local Theater company. Playhouse395, chose and performed this weeks tale. Looney Bean of Bishop Sponsored it.

Tune in Mon, Wed, Fri at 8pm on Alt 92.5, the Sierrawave!

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