The Uglier, The Better!

For those who have lived in the Eastern Sierra for awhile, the newest contest at the Tri County Fair will have a certain, tongue-in-cheek appeal. It’s called the Ugly Truck Contest.

After all, some of us take pride in the uglier the truck, the better. That’s the idea of this first ever Ugly Truck Contest.

Take my pick-up truck. Somebody should take it. It’s not running right now, so not eligible for the contest which will take place, appropriately, during the Destruction Derby.

But, my truck might be a contender. Look at it! A movie crew once borrowed it and painted the camouflage. Does what’s in the back of the truck count? Or how about the inside? Wow. How ugly can it get?

And, how about dash board decor? Probably not since the audience at the Destruction Derby will determine the winner.

Any type of truck is eligible as long as it runs and is ugly!

A $100 cash prize goes to winner. No entry fee but you have to sign up at the fair office before Friday, August 29th.

For more on this and other contests, call 873-3588, or go to .


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