Suzi Scott manages Eldorado Savings in Bishop, but the week of October 29th, she will drive to Santa Clarita to deliver a trunk full of items for those who have lost everything in the fires. Suzi understands because in years past fire took away, as she put it, everything but my daughter.

It was as if the people of the Eastern Sierra were just waiting for someone to do what Suzi plans, because the minute the word got out, the donations began to pour in. Shes not looking for money, but for items toiletries, diapers, toys. The items most of us take for granted.

Suzi says the response has been amazing. As soon as the word got out, donations started to come in.

Call Suzi to find out what she still needs. Call 872-7547. She plans to travel to an evacuation assistance center in the Santa Clarita area.

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