The City of Bishop has a new Interim Police Chief, Joshua Ellsworth

Interim Bishop Police Chief Josh Ellsworth, appointed effective Nov. 11, pending search for new chief.

Lt. Josh Ellsworth has been appointed as the interim police chief of the City of Bishop Police Department effective Nov. 11 after the surprising retirement of Chief Ted Stec earlier this month. The City is looking using the executive search firm of Ralph Anderson & Associates to find Stec’s replacement.

Ellsworth came to the Bishop Police Department in 2016 after a state-wide search to fill its vacant Lieutenant position. Then-Sergeant Joshua Ellsworth with the Beaumont Police Department was selected for the position.

Ellsworth is a veteran of the United States Army Reserve. He began his career with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office in 1996, and then spent years working for the Beaumont Police Department as a patrol officer before promoting through the ranks to a Corporal, and then Sergeant.

Now, Ellsworth is the Interim Police Chief for the Bishop Police Department. He thanked the Bishop City Council for the opportunity at their last virtual city council meeting.

Ellsworth lives in Bishop with his wife Stephanie and their 2 young children.

Congratulations…and thanks to “Interim Police Chief Ellsworth” for his continued service to the City of Bishop.



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Chuck Meredith, retired District Ranger US FOREST Service who now lives in Bishop,CA.
Chuck Meredith, retired District Ranger US FOREST Service who now lives in Bishop,CA.
2 years ago

Is he related to John Ellsworth who used to work for the Inyo National Forest, Lee Vining District?

2 years ago

Looks like he might stay more than five years