The Bishop Friendship Center Re-opens After State Cuts

The Friendship Center has re-opened its doors in Bishop to once again provide day care for people with Alzheimers Disease.

state_capitol_1-12-09Over the summer of 2009, the news came in that the Governor had slashed funding for certain programs that included about $72,000 for the Friendship Center in Bishop. Money for the Friendship Center also comes from donations and fees paid by those who can pay, but there wasnt enough to maintain the South Street location. The First United Methodist Church in Bishop stepped up to the plate and offered the Center space at the Church free of charge.

The Friendship Center got hit with a double whammy, when the state required the center to obtain a license for the new facility at the Church.The Friendship Center had been located at the First United Methodist Church in the past, but a new license was required anyway, leading to the shutdown in past months.

That issue has been resolved and the Friendship Center is now open to once again help families and their loved ones by providing a place to go three days a week. Center Director Pat Calloway says that she is looking forward to taking care of the people in the Owens Valley.

While the center was closed, some clients moved on, or passed on, so there is room for new clients. The Friendship Center is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00 am and 3:00pm at the First United Methodist Church in Bishop. For more information, call the Friendship Center at 872-3871.

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