Tenant Negotiations Continue at Village at Mammoth

With something like half of the business spaces empty, the Village at Mammoth tenants continue to struggle and to negotiate with the Village owners for a livable situation.

Mammoth Attorney Rick Wood cautiously commented on the current situation. He represents some dozen businesses in the Village. Wood said, “Negotiations are continuing and things are very sensitive right now. I remain quite hopeful we will reach a resolution,” said Wood, “and negotiations are active and at a critical stage.”

Wood did say that he thinks all parties have the same objective – for tenants to occupy their spaces and for the Village to become active.

Asked if Mammoth Mountain or any of its companies will pursue a purchase or lease of the Village, Wood said that both sides have informed him that there are no active negotiations.

CNL remains the owner of the Village with Intrawest as the managing partner. Tenants continue to negotiate with both of those parties on issues of rent, common area, and lease terms.

Wood said, “We all realize we’re at a critical juncture and want to get things done this month.” Wood added that one of the over-arching issues remains not just rents and options but the Village becoming re-occupied, perhaps by Mammoth Mountain and new entrepreneurs. “This is important for my clients,” said Wood, “and important to attract new tenants.”

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