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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





All across the nation, groups have decided to demonstrate today, tax day, their unhappiness with government spending. The organization TaxDayTeaParty is generally considered to be Republican and conservative.

Locally, Lance and Barbara Hinek of Bishop organized a TaxDayTeaParty protest. They planned to meet at 11am at Bishop City Park and walk toward Line Street with their signs.

Barbara Hinek said she and her husband are concerned about the President taxing and spending. They don’t like the bank bail out expenditures and most particularly pork barrel spending by both political parties.

“Money is being wasted,” said Mrs. Hinek who describes herself as Republican and very conservative. She admits that you can’t really nail one party for the prolonged bad behavior by legislators.

The protest march is bi-partisan for those unhappy with the way elected officials are spending tax money. How do the Hineks feel the economy will be saved? Mrs. Hinek had no immediate anaswer but said that the trouble started on Wall St. “Big mistakes were made over the years,” said Hinek. “It’s everybody’s fault. The bubble burst.”