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Eastern Sierra News for June 13, 2024





Mammoth Lakes Town Council began discussing the Snowcreek VIII Master Plan at their July 1 meeting. Deliberations will continue at a special meeting now set for July 8 from 8 a.m. to noon because Tim Sanford, the legal counsel for the Ranch Road homeowners was unavailable to make comments on July 1.snowcreek

Public comment was taken on four of six items on July 1; the other two items relating to winter egress from the Sherwins will be discussed on July 8.

One of the biggest concerns expressed on July 1 came from the Advocates for Mammoth. Speaking on their behalf, John Walter explained that they were concerned about a proposed adjustment to the Town’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The adjustment relates to a land trade that the project’s proponent made with the Forest Service years ago. The proponent had received 94 acres of Forest Service land that was given on the condition that it remains open, recreational space.

According to Walter, the Advocates understand that a UGB adjustment is allowed as long as there is still 94 acres of recreational land available, but the Advocates are concerned about the precedent moving the UGB would set for future development.

“The General Plan states that the community would be able to count on the UGB to ‘hold things’ so that the Town doesn’t begin to sprawl,” Walter explained. “We need to make sure we stick to this.”

Other items of concern relating to the Master Plan and the eventual project that will come forward later were height, affordable housing, and traffic patterns.

Mammoth local Dave Harvey pointed out, however, that the process for the actual project still allows for a lot of public input.

“This is just an outline,” Harvey stated.

In other words, the Master Plan spells out the building envelope that the developer has to work within. Once a specific project is designed, the developer has to come back before the community for more public hearings and comment.

Deliberations will continue next week. If Council approves the Master Plan at that special meeting, the proponent will have the go-ahead to begin real project designs.