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Eastern Sierra News for June 13, 2024





rainshadowThe Metabolic Studio is Hosting 100 Conversations About Water During the Centenary of the Los Angeles Aqueduct.  Please join us for Conversation 50: Rain Shadow:  A reading and book signing with author Rebecca Carrer.

Rain Shadow is the story of the violent conflict between Los Angeles and Owens Valley over water. “California’s Little Civil War,” the subject of global news coverage in the 1920s, is told through the eyes of a fictional young woman whose life is shaped and torn by it.

Nuanced portrayals of real-life characters on both sides of the conflict—William Mulholland, Mary Austin and Teddy Roosevelt among them—avoid easy answers as to who was right or wrong.

Yet the best and worst of human nature flows through these pages, as it did through the actual historical events. The struggle over water and power continues. This story that began a century ago is still searingly relevant today.

Books will be available at a special price, and there will also be a special price for a book-cd package (original music written for the story).

Saturday, Nov. 16 2013, 10 am, at the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden

Main St. @ Willow, Lone Pine.  For more information call 510-468-7113.