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 May 7, 2020– As the weather gets warmer and families are required to stay at home, distance learning continues and hopes of a family vacation get dimmer. But how would you like to share with your entire family the treasures of the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex.

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Learning and Digital Access Lab

The Smithsonian Learning Lab is a free, interactive platform that gives you and your children access to millions of Smithsonian digital resources. As part of the Learning Lab, you will be able to access all the art, historical, and scientific resources stored in the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, 9 major research centers and the National Zoo. Prepackaged collections contain lessons, activities and recommended resources made by Smithsonian museum educators and thousands of classroom teachers across the country.

The Smithsonian Learning Lab is guided by the desire to create authentic, meaningful, and personalized learning experiences by offering visual exploration with explanatory content by Smithsonian experts.

Anything you or your student want to learn about is possible through experiences at the Smithsonian Learning Lab. Imagine being able to tap into your 8-year-old interest in Pandas by being able to access a collection of articles, pictures, videos on behavior and habitat and even a TED talk by a Smithsonian scientist about our love affair with pandas.

Or if your 10-year-old loves robots, you could retrieve a collection of pictures, articles, and videos examining what issues robot designers are attempting to address with their inventions and how they are trying to address them.

Or if your child hates history, but loves the going to air shows, how about a collection exploring the Union Army’s use of hot air balloons during the Civil War.

Find out about the creation of the US’s first air force utilizing only hot air balloons and see actual pictures of the remains of a Confederate balloon. Follow up that Hot Air balloon information with stories of female hot air balloon acrobats and a STEM lessons on the science of hot-air balloons.

You can find a collection on anything your family might find interesting, at the Smithsonian Learning Lab. Join now for free at http://learninglab.si.edu. And check out more resources for parents and students at the Distance Learning site created by the Inyo County Office of Education. http://learn.inyocoe.org/




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