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U.S. has lowest pediatric and general population flu infection and death rate in years

And of course…it can be a problem for next year. Remember the “Twindemic” that we were all warned about last year – the combination of patients with both the flu and Covid-19? Public health authorities were warning everyone that would listen that if it happened, it would be apocalyptic in terms of our health care […]

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Covid-19 vaccines work on new virus

You think it’s taking too long for Covid vaccination? Global Vaccine Timeline stretched to 2023!

We are not alone in this Covid pandemic, although it sometimes feels that way and that it will never end. Waiting for the call to be vaccinated in Inyo and Mono County seems like it will take forever. Best prediction so far is that most, if not all those wanting it in the two counties […]

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The cost of not vaccinating

Mono County Health Department press release The Cost – in dollars Many Americans don’t get their vaccines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Whatever their reasons, when they actually get sick, it’s a significant burden to the U.S. economy. Last year, unvaccinated adults cost the economy USD 7.1 billion, an […]

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