Updated: Pet Registration Deadline Just Days Away | New procedure and not enough time

“Kiki (Hernandez) James,” 4- year-old female terrier. (Go Dodgers!)

Maybe the new Inyo County Dog Registration for some pet owners, which is only a mere 4 days away for many based on how registration and vaccinations have been handled in past years, may not be all that great? The new Inyo County partnership with DocuPet.com appears to be giving pet owners very short notice that may force many pet owners to pay a late fee. Pet Owners should have been given more time and notification. Many residents only just received the information in the mail from the county, postmarked Dec. 30, 2020.

When Inyo County decided to go with DocuPet.com and change the procedures for registering pets, you would think that more consideration would be given to county residents that own pets to get used to this “new” convenience.

[Update; According to the County PIO, fees are “unchanged” from last year.” But they are looking into waiving late fees to allow county residents to get used to the new system.”]

Many residents have only been given about a week’s notice of the change in the mail.

The Inyo County Registration fees listed on the form sent in the mail just a week-and-a-half ago are:

  • Altered $15
  • Unaltered $30
  • Altered Late $22.50
  • Unaltered Late $45

[Update-Added: Happy Trails and Tails Veterinarian Services in the Lone Pine area is providing vaccinations on Tuesday and Thursday through January. By Appointment, please call (760) 614-1066.]

There are also, of course, the fees for the vaccinations themselves. See flyer below. The Bishop Veterinarian Hospital lists the fees for 2020. Their phone number is: (760) 873-5801.



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