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LADWP Newsletter Says Utility Continues Commitment to Preservation and Restoration of Owens Valley

LADWP Newsletter Says That They Have Adapted Operations to Meet 2020’s Low Runoff and Statewide Dry Conditions Los Angeles, CA (May 27, 2021) – LADWP is adapting annual operations to meet the low runoff in the Owens Valley, forecasted at a mere 55% of normal. As a result, groundwater pumping will only be 34-41% of […]

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Daniel Pritchett

Letter: LADWP and new well construction

The following letter was submitted by Daniel Pritchett: As a board member of the Owens Valley Committee (OVC), I was interested to read the recent (10/10/15) OpEd (attributed to Jim Yannotta) defending DWP’s program for new well construction.  The OpEd pointed out: 1) DWP is investing in various techniques to reduce demand for imported water […]

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dry lake

Inyo Supervisors discuss groundwater extraction

Pumping the aquifer under Owens Lake to meet dust mitigation and habitat requirements has been the elephant in the room for a very long time. The question of whether groundwater extraction under the lake is governed by the Long Term Water Agreement or not may never be resolved, but pumping will be a hot topic […]

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New deal on town water systems

As a mitigation in the Inyo-Los Angeles Long Term Water Agreement, the County took over the town water systems in Lone Pine, Independence and Laws. These were areas that suffered severe groundwater pumping and a lowering of the water tables. The idea was to keep water rates low so residents could irrigate more. The County […]

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Mark Lacey talks ranches, DWP

  Conversation 75 of 100 Conversations About Water: Owens Valley DWP Leases and the Long Term Water Agreement Owens Valley Rancher Mark Lacey will be the featured speaker at Conversation 75 of Metabolic Studio’s One Hundred Conversations about Water.  Lacey will describe the provisions of the Long Term Water Agreement and 1991 EIR which support […]

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Groundwater pumping unmitigated

Seventeen years after Inyo County and the Department of Water and Power signed the Long Term Water Agreement, DWP has not completed many mitigation projects listed in a 1991 Environmental Impact Report and designed to make up for widespread damage done by groundwater pumps and abandoned agricultural fields to supply water to the second aqueduct. […]

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DWP solar project comment period extended

The Inyo Supervisors recently sent in comments of concern for environmental impacts from the Department of Water and Power’s proposed solar project, and now everyone can continue to comment through November 4th. DWP extended their comment deadline. It is DWP that will complete an Environmental Impact Report on the Southern Owens Valley Solar Ranch Project […]

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