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Eastern Sierra News for June 24, 2024





USFS news release

Taboose Fire

Overnight the fire remained within established control lines. The fire remains at 10,296 acres and containment has increased to 75%. There were no reported smokes across the line and the fire perimeter held firm against the northeasterly gusts.

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The weather outlook is favorable, with calm conditions expected through Thursday.
Firefighters will be flown into the southern edge of the fire to complete repair and remove any remaining equipment. The remainder of the fire perimeter will be monitored by air and patrolled by a crew of 20 firefighters.

The Boise NIMO team will turn management of the fire back to the Inyo National Forest on Wednesday morning.

The Inyo National Forest has issued a Forest Closure for the Taboose Fire area until further notice. Please respect the closure order, as it is put in place to protect the safety of the public and the firefighters.

Wildfire compromises the integrity of trees and soil, making them unpredictable hazards. This closure order has been implemented to allow firefighters the ability to work efficiently and navigate the fire line safely while also protecting the public from hazards in the area.

Goodale, Taboose and Tinemaha campgrounds are now open, but please be mindful of the forest closure order still in effect around the fire area.
***Updated*** Road Closures
Tinemaha Road, Taboose Creek Road (beyond the campground), Birch Creek Road, Goodale Road (beyond
the campground), and Goodale Creek Road
Trail Closures
Red Lake and Taboose Creek Trails.
Please respect these closures and avoid the nearby fire area for your own safety and that of the firefighters.
This will be the last daily update unless there are significant changes in fire activity